My priorities on the Reno City Council are as follows:

  • Public Safety, and supporting first responders (including dispatchers!) in their unique role in the community;
  • Housing affordability and managing growth; and
  • Supporting those who need it—seniors, marginalized communities, folks struggling to find housing or need help in other ways. Government is where we come together to do things that no one person or group can do on their—where we get together to build our community. I believe that a core function of a community is to provide for the most vulnerable. 

I’d love to hear what your priorities are. Please fill out this brief survey to let me know where you think the Reno City Council should be spending our energy and resources.


Spend moreSpend same/no opinionSpend less
Arts and Culture
Housing Affordability
Road improvements
Parks and Rec
Pedestrian/Bicycle Improvements
Social Services
Public Safety